The PepperJack Kennels Team

Misty Melo | Owner & Head Trainer

Misty is the Head Trainer at PepperJack Kennels. She has been training dogs for over 30 years. Misty is a retried Fire Captain out of California so understands hard work, devotion and loyalty. With that combined with her passion and love of the dogs Misty is a proven trainer in the dog industry. Misty has four grown children that she loves spending time with and staying involved with their lives. 

Marty Melo | General Manager

Marty is the general manager of PepperJack Kennels and brings a high level of organization, professionalism, and courtesy to PepperJack Kennels. Marty also runs our limited whelping program that we provide and loves taking care of the pups and mom thru the whelping process. Marty is also very involved with their four children and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Kanan Miller 

Assistant Trainer

Kanan is an assistant trainer that is a second generation dog trainer. Kanan enjoys the outdoors and is passionate about the dogs and training along with their care. He has worked in the gun dog training industry prior to joining PepperJack Kennels in 2020 and has excelled under the tutelage of Misty.

Gage Duvall

Assistant Trainer

Gage is an assistant trainer that has worked with PepperJack Kennels in the capacity of a field assistant, kennel tech and moved into an assistant trainer position in 2021. Gage enjoys the dogs and is extremely dedicated to them. Gage enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family whenever he can.

Field Trial

Gun Dog


What Our Clients Say...

When I met Misty from PepperJack Kennels I was immediately impressed by her relationship with her dogs.   Misty and Marty don’t cut any corners when it comes to the training and care for their dogs.  The young dogs that I watched were very well prepared and they trained with an upbeat attitude.  PepperJack Kennels has dramatically improved their training grounds in recent years.  Misty is hungry to continue to evolve and it shows in the quality of all-age and young dogs that are coming out of the PepperJack program.

Pat Burns

Elite Retriever Training

I have had dogs with PepperJack for 2 years and I can say my dogs have been very well taken care of and got lots of work. Misty is one of the hardest working trainers I know and she respects and cares about the dogs. They have amazing grounds and a great team. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

Kim Hansen

Oakdale, California

I have had Pepper Jack Kennels training a young Labrador for me. The dog had success in the Derby and ran The National Derby Championship. I subsequently ran him in a Qualifying with a win. PJK has wonderful grounds to train on in Wisconsin. Currently my dog is in training to transition to All-Age stakes. The care PJK gives their retrievers is outstanding. I highly recommend them. 

Dr. J. R. Unbehaun

West Salem, Wisconsin

I have always attributed Willow’s early training foundation from PJK to have contributed greatly to her confidence and how well she has done in further training, hunt tests and of course as my waterfowl hunting partner.  She is spoken of highly within my group of hunting partners.  I am excited to have her daughter Gemma with Misty and Team PepperJack now and the care, attention and training is second to none just as I remember with Willow. 

Jeremy Gibbons

Chico, California

If you are looking for world-class retriever training, look no further. Whether chasing a national championship in an AKC field trial stake, or wanting a rock-solid hunting companion and good citizen by your side; PJK produces results. It all starts with the genuine care for the dogs and clients themselves. From there a proven program and tireless effort from a dedicated team of people will help get you and your retriever wherever you want to go. 

Chris Crouch

Dallas, Texas

I have had the pleasure of working for Pepperjack Kennels and am now a client. During my time working at PJK, I was absolutely baffled at the upmost attention to detail that Misty and Marty put into their entire program. Misty’s fairness, level head, sportsmanship and respect for all dogs she works with is truly inspirational. Marty always goes above and beyond to answer any questions that I have. As a previous employee, I saw first hand the cleanliness of the dogs living and travel spaces as well as the type of care you can expect your dog to have while with PJK. As a very particular dog owner, I feel good about knowing that my dogs are being cared for and loved just as they would when they are home. PepperJack Kennels is the only kennel I would consider for my competitive retriever training needs.

Jessica Rockwell

Whitehall, Wisconsin

I have been with PJK since its infancy. All aspects of the program are top-notch - from the ultimate care and feeding of the dogs, to the first class grounds, to the thoughtful and thorough training that meets the needs of each individual dog.  Whether you're developing your next hunting companion, or field trial champion, Misty and the crew at PJK will work tirelessly to help you and your dog reach that goal.

Kerry Lavin

Anderson, California 

Misty, Marty, and the rest of the PJK family sets the standards for Retriever Training. From grounds and facilities, to the compassion they have for your dogs, you will not find a better team. I'm proud to be a part of such awesome camp!

Tyler Yarbrough 

Highland Village, Texas

I have relied on PJK for both training and breeding for many years. An incredibly talented trainer, Misty Melo will custom train my gun dogs for my style of hunting. Misty’s success in field trials speaks for itself. Honest and reliable. You can’t go wrong with this remarkable company. 

Ben Williams
FishDog Outdoors 

Willows, California

PepperJack Kennels has trained my Labrador retrievers for at least the past ten years. When I send a well bred lab to them, I know I will get back a fully trained, obedient, house broken retriever who can perform in the field. And there is no one who takes better care of dogs!! Plus PJK is honest and trustworthy with your future lifetime hunting companion. 

Kate Macartney

Portland, Oregon

I have yet to see another trainer that puts the time and care into every dog on in their program, top notch property’s and top notch employees, there is nothing better than knowing your new hunting partner is in great hands 

Tim Wallinger

Elgranada, California

Misty trained my dog Trucker. Couldn’t be happier with the results. Highly recommend her. She takes really good care of the dogs while under her care.

Darin Quigley

Weed, California

PepperJack Kennels is as good as it gets. The staff is outstanding and their facility is second to none. Misty will give you and your dog the best opportunity to be successful. 

Chris Halverson

Hager City, Wisconsin

I was in need of a new duck hunting dog, and a good friend of mine recommended Pepper Jack Kennels, which is owned and run by Misty & Marty Melo. I had Misty train one of her female pups for me, that I named Moxie. I've never owned a better dog in my entire life. She also trained my son's dog, named Kisa. Like Moxy, Kisa is a pure pleasure to hunt over.  Misty is without a doubt the finest trainer I've ever known and dealt with. If you are looking for a top quality hunting and family dog, I would highly recommend you give Pepper Jack Kennels a call. You will not be disappointed.

Mike Sorsky

Fresno, California