PepperJack Kennels Property

PepperJack Kennels utilizes several properties specifically designed as dog training facilities.

Located in Wisconsin, and spending time in California and Texas during the winter months, these properties provide ideal training weather, land features, and distinctive water attributes. Our properties and their unique features help us to best train your dog. We take pride in the grounds we use for training and both are well kept and safe for training and hunting.

All properties are located in areas that offer desired weather for training. We want to ensure your dog is acclimated to various temperatures, humidity, and rainfall. The terrain offers unique land training features including mounds, slopes, and flat areas. As dedicated training facilities, we also set different cover levels for different hunting and training scenarios.



Our Wisconsin property has recently been a training ground for pre-national training for the  National Amateur Retriever Championship (NARC).

About PepperJack Kennels

PepperJack Kennels provides exceptional water and land training year round with our main facility in Wisconsin, and spending months in California and Texas during the winter months at dedicated training facilities. Our programs focus on all aspects of retriever training from our puppy head start program, basic obedience to gun dog training along with HRC and AKC hunt test. Field Trial Training is our most advanced training and program. We specialize in retriever training by keeping a small amount of dogs in our programs at one time. This allows us to focus on the individual needs of each dog and keep them in our family environment.

Field Trial

Gun Dog